Canadian Underground Labs


RoidTest Canada does not encourage the use of any illegal drugs. Roidtest Canada is not affiliated with any of the labs listed in this section. The information presented here is simply for informational purposes only.

This information is simply based on extensive research from the web.

Also RoidTest Canada as a whole is geared towards harm reduction and user safety. Our opinions are just that- opinions. Please do your own research and make your own conclusions.

As you may or may not know, aside from AAS labs, there are many Growth Hormone labs that come and go. We will also discuss these labs and brands as well in later articles.

Let's start with one of the top  AAS labs on the Canadian market.



Pareto Pharmaceuticals

Pareto Pharma has been on the scene since 2013. They have a vast array of products ranging from AAS to SARMs, Sexual aids, fat loss etc...

Pareto Pharma to this day continues to be one of the top labs in Canada simply by producing quality products and providing excellent customer service.

We have visited many Canadian Bodybuilding forums to find feedback from people who have used Parete Pharma products. We have yet to find one negative user review.

Pareto Pharma uses high quality raw materials and top of the line manufacturing equipment to produce high quality properly dosed products.

Roidtest Canada will continue testing these products and report with any negative test results.

Our Review of Pareto Pharma

  • Quality: 5/5
  • Communications: 5/5
  • Product Variety: 5/5
  • Customer Relations: 5/5

Pareto Pharma has agreed to post our review.

Here are some of the products Pareto Pharma offers.


For inquiries contact Pareto Pharma:

Use Code: RTCanada to get a discount.